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Joe Vitale"A powerful example of how, despite great odds, you can define your life by your choices, not your circumstance.

You will find, through Lynika's extraordinary story, your own inner strengths and courage and the key tools in which you too can transform your life."

~ Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of "The Secret"

Pat MesitiLynika's phenomenal story of overcoming incredible odds shows us that with strong beliefs, focused thought and a desire from the heart, anything is possible. For anyone who is hurting, in a difficult situation or simply lacking the energy, focus and tools to achieve their dreams, take heart. Lynika's story is drenched with extraordinary wisdom, encouragement and practical insights that will fill you with hope and inspiration.

I thoroughly recommend Beggars Can Be Choosers to anyone ready to turn their life into the powerhouse they've always dreamed it could be.

~ Pat Mesiti
Best Selling Author,
International Keynote Speaker
and Prosperity Activist

Ellen Bass"Lynika Cruz is courageous and inspiring. Her determination, intelligence, bright spirit, and sheer grit helped her to survive a childhood of severe trauma and abandonment and emerge a beautiful, loving, creative woman.

A stunning accomplishment! I greatly admire her finely-crafted poems which are full of vivid detail and emotional power."

~ Ellen Bass
Award Winning Poet and
International Bestselling Author

Jennie Armato"This compelling, remarkable book is filled with universal wisdom and insight. You will be shocked, moved, and ultimately inspired by Lynika's harrowing tale of survival against insurmountable odds.

Beggars Can Be Choosers will reinstate your faith that anything is possible, despite what life throws at you."

~ Jennie Armato
Author, Speaker, Mentor, Entrepreneur

Denise DaffaraLynika Cruz encapsulates light, courage and tenacity. Her strength, resilience, and appreciation for the simplicities of life encompass so much of what I admire about her. Lynika is an incredibly gifted poet, writer, artist, speaker and deeply soulful woman. 

In her courageous and powerful book Beggars Can Be Choosers, Lynika teaches, inspires and encourages in ways that will give the reader immense hope and insight into transforming their life.

~ Denise Daffara
Contemporary Artist